Flexible Plastic Extrusion Profiles (PVC)

We can manufacture and supply flexible plastic extrusion profiles your specification. Close attention to detail during the design phase of the PVC extrusion profile can ensure a reliable supply of cost-effective, good quality PVC extrusions. The choice of thermoplastic material used for the flexible plastic extrusion profile will depend on its application and specification requirement, such as thermal, UV and chemical resistance, flame retardancy, smell, and impact strength. We will be happy to help with advice on the suitability of materials.

Flexible PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a major thermoplastic extrusion polymer used in a wide variety of plastic profiles. Flexible PVC is a vinyl polymer which can be very lightweight and is available in various softnesses, grades and a wide range of colours. It is very resilient and is compatible with many additives for colour, UV stabilization, and flame retardants.

Please go to Material Selection to view a selection of thermoplastic extrusion materials and their typical applications.

flexible plastic extrusion tubing
blue flexible plastic extrusion

small flexible tubing and conduits in pvc
flexible gasket plastic extrusion