Wire Erosion Of Tooling For Plastic Extrusions

In addition to its fully equipped tool room that makes tooling for a wide range of thermoplastic extrusions, D W Plastics has wire erosion facilities which enable the development team to keep a tighter control on the manufacture of the dies and formers for our customers’ plastic extrusion tooling requirements.

The in-house tool making facilities and our skilled engineers allow us to provide comprehensive tool production and maintenance services. Dies are designed, engineered and optimised on site for the manufacture of accurate, high-quality, bespoke PVC extrusions and UPVC profiles in our factory.

Profile dies are wire eroded from high chrome steel to ensure high-quality tooling for production of plastic extrusions and to preserve their longevity for repeat orders.

Having the machine operated by in-house engineers ensures that tooling is made to D W Plastics’ high-quality standards and helps to expedite the production of the dies for the bespoke plastic profiles. This is beneficial in that it also allows us to keep a tighter control over the quality of the extrusion manufacture and keeps the tooling costs competitive for our customers.

Metal cutting with high voltage wire for wire erosion