Plastic Extrusion Design

Our technical team is here to understand customer requirements and use its specialist expertise and in-depth industry knowledge to find satisfactory solutions in plastic extrusion design. As respected plastic manufacturers, our bespoke plastic extrusion service is available to suit any requirement.

D W Plastics has a fully integrated computer-aided design system (CAD) that enables us to offer our customers a full plastic profile design service. Our services are offered to all customers who seek to optimise existing plastic extrusion products or the development of new, standard and non-standard PVC product lines.

Our technical design engineering team works closely with customers on the design and prototyping of new plastic extrusion profiles and uses its extensive design knowledge, experience and the latest computer-aided technology to produce die drawings for the manufacture of tooling. Technical drawings can be printed or exchanged electronically, in DXF or AutoCAD file format. Close attention to detail during the design phase of the PVC extrusion profile can ensure a reliable supply of cost-effective, good quality plastic extrusions.

As part of our product development service, D W Plastics can offer 3D printing of samples for prototyping and/or trialling. In certain cases 3D rapid prototyping is an economical method of producing a scale model of the extrusion profile for ‘fit and form’ testing and visualization purposes before finalising the tooling requirement.

Our custom plastic extrusion services, in-house tooling and extrusion manufacturing equipment permit us to control the production process from start to finish. This ensures shorter production lead times, cost-effective solutions and maintenance of our high quality standards to provide our customers with the best, most efficient service.

a black plastic extrusion tool with a smiley face
a design of a plastic extrusion on a screen