D W Plastics is a manufacturer of high-quality bespoke plastic extrusion profiles. We supply high-volume plastic extrusions at competitive prices to a variety of customers across a wide range of trade sectors.

Our expertise in supplying custom plastic extrusions is built on many years of experience and D W Plastics has become well known in the industry for its PVC extrusion design and technical support.  We can assist customers with the design and optimisation of existing sections and with the development of standard and more complex PVC extrusions and profiles.

In addition we make a wide range of standard rigid and flexible plastic tubes, pipes, and rods to order.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to discuss your specific plastic extrusions design or manufacturing requirements.

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metal being drilled

We offer a full range of services aimed at ensuring a reliable supply of cost-effective, good quality plastic extrusion products. These include product design and optimisation design and manufacture of dies and specialist post-extrusion equipment, and the manufacture of high quality plastic product lines.


A group of grey plastic extrusions

We manufacture a great variety of plastic extrusions and made-to-order PVC products for customers in many industry sectors. Our expertise is in the production of high-volume bespoke plastic extrusions. We do not hold stock but attempt a quick turnaround from date of order to delivery.


multicoloured plastic pellets

There is a wide selection of materials used in the manufacture of plastic extrusions. We can offer advice on the suitability of thermoplastic materials for different applications taking into account colour rigidity and appearance. For description of typical materials used click here or get in touch to discuss your requirements.