What To Look For In A Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing Partner

Once you have decided that your product is suitable for extrusion, the next stage is to see why we are the right company to be your plastic extrusion manufacturing partner:

The important things look for are as follows:

Do they have the capabilities of producing the profile?

DW Plastics is an experienced, quality-focused thermoplastic extruder that specialises in high-volume production. As your plastic extrusion manufacturing partner, it is crucial to the success of your product that we understand your expectations and challenges right from the start. Depending on the product’s application we try to make the best recommendations regarding design, material and production techniques. This early involvement helps to resolve any design problems for the extrusion process which can help to create valuable cost and timing efficiencies in getting your product ready to market. It also helps to ensure that we have the expanded capabilities to service the whole project in-house within your time and budget limits.

Do they extrude the material required?

We extrude in a variety of plastic compounds, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements even if the material is not listed on our materials page.

Are they able to produce the profile in the required timescale?

We work with you from the design phase to ensure that achievable lead times are provided for tooling and samples so that you get the final production parts on time.

Can they manufacture the tooling?

Our in-house tool making facilities allow us to supply profile extrusion tooling with confidence. Our skilled engineers have many years’ experience in plastic extrusion tooling and provide comprehensive tool production and maintenance services. Dies are designed, engineered and optimized on-site for the manufacture of accurate, high-quality, bespoke PVC extrusions in our factory. The tooling is then kept is kept securely and maintained free of charge.

Do they have the capacity?

DWP has 16 extrusion lines which process all kinds of custom profiles from large 200mm+ wide products to small plastic welding rod, gasket and tube profiles.

Can they provide additional inline and offline processes?

We like to become involved in the product during the design phase to be able to predict production issues from the very beginning. We offer cutting, drilling, punching, printing, specialist tape and protective film application, coiling both inline and offline, plus separate packaging if required. We will help to source your tape or packaging requirements.

Do they have the quality systems in place?

D W Plastics is ISO 9000-2015 certified and prides itself in being a manufacturer of high-quality extrusion profiles. Our internal systems and processes of quality control give assurances that the level of service and quality of PVC extrusion products supplied will meet customer specifications and requirements from the design phase through to the manufacture and supply of each plastic extrusion profile.

Are they flexible and approachable?

D W Plastics has a dedicated team that is focused on customer service. We try to promote a positive, helpful and friendly experience for our customers when they get in touch. When you choose us as your plastic extrusion manufacturing partner, we do our utmost to respond to any communication quickly and professionally. We enjoy working with customers to ensure that any requirements are complied with and to go beyond that if required. Our systems and procedures ensure that product and customer service expectations are met from the design phase through to the manufacture and supply of each plastic extrusion profile.

staff at dw plastics packaging up the plastic pipes