Plastic Extrusion Products For Sport And Leisure Industry

Plastic extrusions are widely used in the sports and leisure industries and we can help with the design and manufacture of plastic profiles for various sports, such as football, rugby, athletics, equipment transport, equestrian, golf, fishing to name but a few. Plastic profiles and tubes are used as training aids, posts, flags and are also used for safety and protection during the transport of various types of sports equipment. Whatever your requirement, if you’re looking for plastic extrusion products for the sport and leisure industry get in touch with us for a quote.

plastic extrusion hurdles bottom view ready for the 110 m race

A photo of a plastic pole used in show jumping
COVID-19 Update

During these uncertain times caused by the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we would just like to inform you that we have taken the decision to keep our operations open for as long as possible to continue to supply our customers, some of which are key essential suppliers to the NHS and pharmaceutical sectors.

The welfare of our workforce and the wider community is extremely important to us, so we have instigated additional measures to restrict potential exposure to and mitigate the spread of the virus. As many of our employees as possible are now working from home, and we are following Government advice and Public Health Guidelines with respect to safe working practices by increasing cleaning regimes within our facilities and implementing social distancing rules for our manufacturing operations.

We will constantly review the situation based on UK Government advice over the coming weeks and will keep you informed as things change.