Photo of Recycled UPVC material

Why recycle plastics?

Plastic products are a valuable resource and not waste. They should be collected, recycled and reused. Products can be rechipped, melted down and reprocessed into a practical material compound that can be used to make the same or other plastic products.

For example, milk, household detergent bottles, shampoo bottles can be made into new bottles, large and small containers, plastic planks, plastic furniture, playground equipment, recycling bins, T-shirts, fleece clothing, insulation for jackets and sleeping bags, carpeting and more. Plastic bottle caps can be recycled and used to make storage containers, reusable shopping bags, rope, garden tools, car batteries, and more bottle lids.

Plastics have a very good environmental profile:

  • Less energy is used to produce it compared to other materials
  • Only a very small percentage of the world’s oil production is used for the production of plastics
  • Plastic products are durable and when they have completed their practical life cycle, they can either be recycled or incinerated to provide a source of energy
  • By being lightweight plastics help to reduce fuel consumption in vehicles, whether in the transport of goods or the manufacture of cars, planes, trains.
  • Plastic packaging reduces food waste and saves energy in transport, and is recyclable
  • Plastic piping reduces leakages and therefore conserves water and saves energy processing and pumping water.

Plastic products have a huge role in sustainable construction providing excellent insulation properties and are cost-effective and provide durability. Replacing natural products with plastic products saves natural resources, e.g., helps to reduce deforestation.

Recycling plastics helps to:

  • Minimise the amount of plastics sent to landfill sites
  • Reduces the environmental impact of plastic-rich products
  • Helps to conserve oil stocks
  • Save energy as it uses less energy than producing new polymers
  • Reduces the impact of plastic waste on the environment.