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Tubular Artwork in Camden

D W Plastics is delighted to be participating in the Camden Create Festival due to be held on 13-15 May 2014. Working together with KSR Architects and Camden Town Unlimited, DWP will be supplying parts that will bring to life KSR’s design for the temporary ‘pavilion-style’ structure for the London Borough of Camden’s first annual Camden Create Festival.

DWP has been asked to manufacture the multi-coloured, translucent tubes which will be suspended from a lightweight truss system to form the chandelier-type structure. The vibrant sculpture will be located outside Camden Town Underground Station during the three-day festival.

This is an unusual project for DWP because it is a deviation from its normal, day-to-day business of supplying plastic extrusions to the construction, transport and marine industries. It will be the first time that any of its plastic products will be assembled to a create an artwork on public display.


The designer Guy Ailion from KSR Architects said: “Camden Town Unlimited wanted something that identified with Camden Town and the festival to try and expose a hidden culture of creativity. … We wanted to do something exciting, something that objectified our imagination. It will be a little bit larger than life." The history of Camden Town’s music also played a part during the design phase: "We thought rock ’n’ roll, neon lights, bright colours," he said. "The multi-coloured tubes represent all the creative people in the borough."

His colleague, Les Koski, Partner at KSR Architects, said: "The perfect square of compact coloured tubes represents the incredibly dense community of multi-disciplined creative businesses in Camden today. The tubes are hung like a kaleidoscopic wind chimes, allowing them to move and shape-shift in the wind. Each little collision represents the conversations, interactions, and networking being promoted between people."

DWP is looking forward to seeing the end result of the tube installation and to reporting on how things went.


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