PPE Donations for COVID-19 Effort

We are very pleased to report that the Solid Print 3D Covid19 Face Shield Group initiative donated 11,774 face shields to key health institutions around the UK over the past months. D W Plastics is proud to have been able to play a small part in this effort by donating a total of 258 headbands. However with many people doing as many parts as they could, it all adds up! Our small 3D-printer worked 24/7 to print components for the cause and we would like to again thank our local partners who also contributed by printing parts for us to deliver.

The assembled face shields were donated to hospitals, hospices, care homes and schools whilst there was a nationwide shortage in supply. We would like to think that they have made a huge difference by helping to keep key workers and their patients, clients and pupils safe. The scheme has now been closed as the supply of PPE equipment has now been restored, but we are ready to support any further efforts if required.