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New Decking Product launched at the Southampton Boat Show

A lighter weight flexible PVC decking product developed by D W Plastics together with Flexiteek was exhibited at the Southampton Boat Show.

The new product which is available in various colours is an alternative to real wood and is an attractive, practical decking solution for all types of boats. Compared to the regular product, the new decking is around 25% lighter and the heat transfer properties makes the deck feel cooler under foot.

Rigid and flexible synthetic decking extrusion products are designed to replicate traditional wooden surfaces and provide attractive replacements for teak decks and trims for ecological, environmental and economic reasons.

PVC decking products are durable, versatile, easy to maintain and can be used for external and internal applications. They have a textured, slip-resistant surface that remains effective when wet.
D W Plastics also manufactures various marine deck trims which can be combined with other decking products to provide a perfect finish for that uniform teak-effect look for internal cabin design and external deck installations. The various trim profiles are made of PVC to look and feel like real wood. Like the PVC decking, they are durable, resistant to water and will not crack or fade like real teak.

For more photos go to our Synthetic Decking Products page, and for further sales information please visit: www.flexiteek.com.

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