Customer Survey Results

In a recent customer survey over 90% of customers asked said that they were extremely or very satisfied with D W Plastics.
100% said that they would purchase products from us again and that they were satisfied with our responsiveness to their queries.
100% of customers who responded said they would recommend DWP and not one was dissatisfied with our quality.
We appreciate customer feedback as it enables us to assess our performance and make improvements where necessary.


‘Overall an excellent service from Sue, Simon, Andy, Andrews, Paul and all the team at D W Plastics. D W have managed the commissioning of tools very well. Communication and service levels are always high, and we buy form DW in confidence that the delivered product will be good quality and arrive on time, in full. Thanks.’

Senior Buyer, Construction Sector

‘The whole team at DW have been extremely helpful in the ongoing development of our product.’

Senior Manager, Automotive Sector

‘Excellent service all around, all very helpful and eager to help.

Senior Manager, Construction Sector

‘Maddy was a great help with our recent shipment to Australia, extremely helpful and efficient’.

Senior Buyer, Industrial Sector