Our Commitment

D W Plastics is committed to providing our customers with a high standard of service and product through continuous improvements in our manufacturing processes, quality and level of service. This commitment is reflected by our focus on nurturing customer relationships and supplying high-quality plastic extrusions and PVC profiles to specification.

We are also committed to continually monitoring and improving our environmental performance by using energy and natural resources in a more efficient and sustainable way, working closely with customers and suppliers to this end.

D W Plastics also develops and manufactures plastic extrusion profiles which can be used as substitutes for products made from natural resources. For example, we make synthetic decking products used mainly in the marine industry as an alternative to teak or wood. These plastic decking extrusion products provide attractive replacements for teak decking and trims for ecological, environmental and economical reasons.

Please also see our Environmental Policy Statement for more detail.

multicoloured plastic pellets